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CODA, founded by Rebecca Haw, is the first agency of it's kind in classical ballet.​

We had seen a need for such a space since our first auditions up to our most recent and beyond. Built by professionals themselves, furthering the future of recruitment and representation in classical ballet.


The representation and middle-man you've been waiting for to seek employ in classical ballet from artistic directors, companies, choreographers, production managers and brands.


Dancer Directory - for dancers seeking freelance and full-time employment that we may be recruiting for.

Full Representation - for soloist and principal dancers seeking representation in the development of their career through galas, gusting and new full-time positions.

Management - coming in the future.


A go-to for filling your next available position complete with a dancers availability information, full portfolio and pre-selection done for you. A far more efficient way to recruit.

For more information on the recruitment and hiring process with CODA, see our Recruitment Guide below.

Ella Vickerman

Representation in the classical ballet industry for employment by artistic directors, classical companies production managers, choreographers, scouts and brands.

Rebecca Haw - Natalie Rolley 3.JPG


Professional ballet dancer and entrepreneur, Rebecca Haw, has had the long harbouring desire to improve the way recruitment is executed in classical ballet.

Rebecca is in her 10th season as a professional however struggled expidencially to gain her first contract and again in her 'mid twenty move'. For most of her career since, Rebecca has aided others in their audition endeavours by providing industry insights, sharing contacts, teaching marketing and correspondence to dancers which led to the launch of Audition Educator. An educational resource for classical dancers auditioning.

Now Rebecca is bringing the much needed concept that so many industries, artistic and other, strive with. Bridging the gap between classical dancers and employers. Already receiving an overwhelming response from the industry, Rebecca is eager for this challenge.

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